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Surgery lasted over three hours as doctors tried to repair damage in Allen's vertebra and nerve system.Hospital spokesperson Cecily Newton was optimistic to reporters following the surgery, saying "There are good signs that he will walk again, but it is still very early in the game at this point." Many questioned Allen's future.Sometimes however, family members are portrayed as antagonistic towards each other, especially if they are brothers.

Ann Curry and her husband Brian Ross are college sweet hearts who have been together since they first met in college. Both Ann and Brian have had successful careers in journalism.

Ann is dubbed to be the most popular female journalist in America and Brian is known for his thorough investigative journalism.

Professional Wrestling is very much a family business.

There have been many, many families involved with the pseudo-sport; generally, it begins with a successful patriarch, whose children all follow him into the business.

Most believed he would not be able to wrestle again. Ivan Koloff, who had feuded with Allen in the ring over the past year, was quoted following the accident.

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