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Many Native Americans refused to assemble and leave the only land they had ever known.

The Dragon was one of the remote paths they used to evade the Army sent to capture them.

The first white men to use the trail were hunters and trappers moving into dangerous territory in the early 1700s.

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It stretched thousands of miles from Los Angeles to Chicago, but today only short segments remain.

But the Dragon is only 11 miles long and someday might surpass the mystical legends of that famed route. Much of the route was originally just an animal track worn down by large herds of buffalo and then used by native American Cherokee Indians for centuries.

And after he climbed to the loft of the 400-year-old house, he found ten of the biggest wasp nests he has ever seen, measuring 3ft across on average.

The pest controller, who started his family business Ridtek Environmental four years ago, said the insect nests were so large that only one was able to be squeezed out of the loft hatch.

But note that the Parsons Branch Road is “one-way” out of Cades Cove to the Dragon.

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