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Due to the flashing LED's that indicate status on all three main hardware parts, I knew I wanted something partly transparent. As I struggle for desk space all too often, I also decided to make the server a wall mountable unit.This way I would have a self contained, Transparent server case.The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards.

So if you get stuck or feel a step isn't too clear, just let me know and i'll be happy to help. you can jot down anything that needs doing during the next session. All over the walls, floors, chairs, desks - you name it! Don't just think "Hmm I like the sound of my own cloud network lets do that first! 1 x Raspberry Pi (B model) 1 x External USB 2.5' HDD (Capacity of your choice, mine is 1TB) 1 x Raspberry Pi Case of your choice (Mine is a cheap £3 laser cut, clear acrylic, self assembly kit from ) 2 x Heat sinks for the processor on the Pi (Mine were free with the case) 1 x Ethernet Cable 1 x USB cable for the hard drive 1 x SD Card (8GB or above strongly recommended. Webmin is a state of the art server management web user interface.

A few tips: Because this takes more than one day, don't just fall asleep and forget what you were planing on doing next. Okay slight exaggeration, but on a serious note they do help. " The steps are in such an order that each before is most likely required for the current, if that makes sense. A final tip: don't be limited to what is taught here. Adding more services such as those listed on the turnkey website is easily done using the search APT function within the Webmin Package manager. Also ensure you copy everything off the card as all data will be deleted.) Relevant power supplies for the Pi and HDD We will be using the operating system image from Ghoulmann. The image is based on Raspian, which is a Debian flavor adapted for the Pi, that runs turnkey out the box. It allows the installation, management and control of the various services you may wish to add to the server.

More Info Once you've understood the purpose of each element of the server, continue to the next step. This offers loads of storage so I can carry out backups and so on.

The hardware basics are a Pi, SD card and power supply. When I began I used a basic Pi case zip tied to my 1TB portable USB HDD. In my setup I wanted two mounted hard drives to offer more storage. When I decided on what hardware I wanted to add on, I came to an instant realization that some sort of case would be necessary.

More Info own Cloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface.

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