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It turned out to be one of the best meals of my life.) in typical restaurants for just – , and even less depending on the neighborhood.

Other gyms, such as Forma, and Dinamo in Envigado, are less costly.

Update: In December 2013, I bought a 12-month membership on sale for 30% off. Even if I’d paid full price, that’d have been around 1.1 million pesos, or about $600, which is more in line with a US membership ($50/month).

I could’ve bought cheaper versions of everything, but this apartment is essentially my home, so I don’t mind spending more on certain things (like I would do if I were living in the USA).

Many of the things I bought in 2010, including the bed, floor lamp, and fan, were all still here when I returned.

I tried on two similar ones in the store, and took the one I liked to the register, only to find after the girl rang me up that it was twice the cost of the other one (about $80).

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