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A whole new dialect—maybe a new language—is emerging from Web English.Its subtext is still “This is who I am,” but it’s an identity far less parochial than the language has ever expressed before.

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The Diaspora is reconverging through the Web, like an enormous family reunion.

Distant cousins are taking a fancy to one another and slipping outside together for a breath of air. Some of the relatives at this reunion are in-laws, people from Scandinavia or India or Spain who’ve married into the language. (Who cares if “cute” to Chaucer was short for “acute,” meaning “as pointed as a needle”?

Chaucer’s English, 600 years ago, became the ancestor of our English only because London was the political and economic hub of medieval England.

Vigorous literatures in regional dialects are now lost to all but scholars, because they left no descendants.

If you’re a Brazilian who doesn’t understand “setup” and “shopping cart,” you feel excluded—and in your own country, on a site ostensibly in your own language.

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