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Notifications: In the column on the right side you also have Notifications.

Here you can modify the frequency of the emails you’ll be receiving and also the activity you want to be notified about by ticking/unticking the boxes. Yammer Home Page: When you first sign in to Yammer, on the left side of your profile, you will be able to see all the Groups you are a member of.

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To respond to a message, go to your inbox and select the message you want to reply to. You also have the ability to have the message emailed to you by clicking on the more options icon and select Email Me.

An additional option you have is to move a conversation from a private message to a group message, so others can participate.

Enter your full University email address in the format [email protected] and your password and click Sign In. Yammer will send these people an email with an invitation to join.

Profile Edit: To manage your profile, go to the bottom left side corner of your Yammer home feed, click on the settings icon and select Edit Settings.

To do this, click on the Move to Group option and select the group you want to move it to.

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