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In order that the Dictionary may be more easily understood, it may be well to explain that, in the Japanese and English Part, the root of the verb only is printed in small capitals, that which follows , a.

The Second, or English and Japanese, Part, has not been abridged or altered from the original, except in the correction of such typographical errors as were met with..

A redness, a red color or tinge of red, the red part, the lean part of flesh.

The name of a root used for dyeing red ; Madder, or Rubia-cordata. Any thing that will cleanse or remove dirt from the body or clothing.

Knocking at a door or calling out for admittance ; sending word or a messenger to call a person to come, or show him the way ; the ways, the roads or hatural features of a country ; the streets and peculiar arrangement of a city or town ; the inside arrangement of a castle or house ; knowledge, ac- quaintance. A guide, one acquainted with the roads or natural features of a country or place.

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