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The ability to be at ease, to act comfortable with yourself in the presence of the opposite sex, is irresistible.

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They interviewed hundreds of male students, and they found a common ingredient.

A woman who smiles was always deemed considerably more attractive.

They prefer women who won’t have a heart attack if someone accidentally spilled a little wine on their blouse or if they had to sit in the front row at the movies because the theater is too crowded.

In other words, a man generally finds it a turn-off if a woman is uptight and acts like a “diva” – but instead, finds alluring the woman who is “real,” doesn’t take herself way too seriously, is able to laugh at mishaps that come along, and gracefully make the best of any situation without making anyone feel offended or inadequate.

Therefore, a woman who laughs easily (but not excessively) is often irresistible to a man When a woman indicates that a man makes her happy, the man begins to feel confident, becomes more interested, and wants to please her even more.

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