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A man in Kentucky convicted of assault for scalping his ex-girlfriend and ordering his pit bull to attack her told off a judge Wednesday, saying he could take his sentence without all the extra talk.

In previous interviews, she claimed to have been 'blacklisted' by O'Reilly after fighting back on his alleged harassment. In April, Heldman said she filed a complaint against O'Reilly with Fox hours before he was ousted.

She also claimed to have witnessed inappropriate behavior from Gene Simmons and Lenny Dykstra.

Stanley said she needed a half-dozen surgeries and suffered permanent nerve damage.

A trauma surgeon testified at Gross' trial that cuts to her head were consistent with the use of a sharp knife.

A Fox News guest who says she was sexually harassed by Bill O'Reilly claims she was also on the receiving end of unwanted advances made by the network's now suspended host Eric Bolling.

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