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You have to split the pool before disposal - I think I'd rather part the Red Sea.

Fudging the percentage year over year will only work until you try to sell an asset and then I cannot work out any way to get it out of the pool correctly. Not having a pool option will obviously decrease this and effect my decision. The other issues I'm looking at is trust reports, and xero not dealing with the posting of profit, and trust beneficiary reports for each beneficiary showing the movement etc. Anyways do I dive to the bottom of the pool and hold my breath xero ? I am loving Xero but this is a function that is needed ASAP, especially if they are wanting accountants to move solely to their software suite.

I hope now at least after repeated requests, XERO team will take immediate action to implement the changes.

It's a fantastic addition to be able to utilise the depreciation function in XERO - I look forward to that function being a complete solution we can use for all clients, not just some.

Just tried to dispose of part of a "Pool" and that opens another can of worms..

Hi All, Yes, Xero needs to handle Australian asset pooling ASAP - it has been spoken about for so ling, i was really hoping this would be available from 1/7/14 at the latest, but unfortunately its not.

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