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Pay Pal is a secure online payment method, which allows you to pay or get paid quickly and easily without sharing any of your financial information.If you want to pay by Pay Pal, please go to the payment page and select the "PP" icon on the right and choose the membership plan. You will be redirected to the following web page: https://

As long as you have a secure connection to the Pay Pal site, any information you exchange is hidden from prying eyes.

Pay Pal uses all of the same security features that you’d expect from any large financial institution, and the company even offers financial rewards to “white hat” hackers who let them know about vulnerabilities. A layer of protection: If you’ve ever used your credit card online or handed a check to a merchant (thieves can find your bank account and routing numbers on any personal check), you’ve taken just as much risk as you take when you provide that information to Pay Pal.

To reduce the odds of a problem, try the following: In the past, businesses selling intangibles or getting paid for a service were immune to Buyer Protection problems.

That's no longer true, so be sure to document your communications so that you can provide proof to Pay Pal if there's a dispute.

Customers can claim that goods never arrived or that you did not deliver what you promised, and Pay Pal seems to assume that the customer is (almost) always right.

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