Dating culture in american

If you work in a customer service job where you interact with lots of people, your boss might want you to shower every day.Or, if you share an apartment, your housemates may ask you to shower more.This can be hard for parents and children, especially since you may depend on your children to help you get around and to translate for you.

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People under 21 years of age are not allowed to buy alcohol or drink in public places and can get in trouble with the police if they drink. If you go out for dinner or to somebody’s house, you may be offered a drink.

In general, healthcare professionals recommend you consume no more than two drinks per day. However, most women do not drink when they are pregnant because it has health risks for the baby.

In many countries across the world, elders are treated with a lot of respect. They are seen as sources of wisdom in their communities. A lot of the knowledge that elder refugees have is not as useful as it was in their home country.

For example, an older refugee may know a lot about farming or tending to cows but in his family may now work in office buildings. If you are an elder, remember that sharing your culture and keeping your family tied to your home country is a very important job for you.

Although Americans are direct, your friends might be embarrassed to tell you if they think you need to shower more.

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