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If this can be considered a Melas piece it may help to draw some conclusions about some of the aforementioned prayer rugs in the Transylvanian group. The second minor border in is a standard minor border in Mudjurs.

Not only does this rug have wonderful progression of color, it creates an exceptionally strong visual resonance.

"Carpets with Armenian inscriptions comprise a special group in the rich collection of carpets kept at the History Museum of Armenia. 106 pieces were on display, 62 of which came from Dr. The others were loaned by the international rug-dealer Serge Nalbandian, and by Dimitri Trad. Illustrations include 6 color plates of rugs and 26 of textiles, and 6 black and white...

Putting an Armenian lettered commemoration and a dating on an artistic work... Museum exhibition catalog of rugs and textiles of a religious colony who migrated to Canada from the Caucasus Mountains.

It is interesting to observe that the niche of the mihrab thrusts into the inner border of the field.

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