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Franceball conquered a very large part of the planet but is told not to be good at fighting by USAball, because of her schizophrenia in WW2 despite of her heroic action in Dunkirk to save UKball and during the final ass kicking of Germanyball.But usually, she tags along with USAball with Middle-Eastern conflicts (Even told so, Franceball military-talking the most powerful European ball, and she hides a dark side of military pride, Napoleonic and Crusader dreams).Germanyball Polandball Scotlandball Quebecball Canadaball USAball Louisianaball EUball Belgiumball Italyball Portugalball (Sometimes) Netherlandsball Spainball Czechiaball Monacoball Austriaball Romaniaball (Sometimes) Armeniaball (Sometimes)ww1 Lebanonball Moroccoball Tunisiaball Senegalball Maliball Gabonball Haitiball Japanball (her fan) Egyptball Israelcube Switzerlandball UKball (sometimes) Saudi Arabiaball Qatarball Australiaball New Zealandball Indo china balls Argentinaball Mexicoball Chileball Brazilball (Sometimes) Englandball EVIL TERRORISTS! Thailandball (Sometimes) Croatiaball (sometimes)Uranium Tartiflette Underwater world Boat races Jardins Throwing axes Artillery French Kiss Cinema Video Games (Ubisoft)Burning templars Wine Colonialism Rugby Football Handball Cars War machines Strikesliberal philosophysophistication, Fine Arts, Cuisine, Astro Boy from Mâcon, Edith Piaf, Mylène Farmer, Francis Cabrel, David Guetta, Gojira, Pleymo, Daft Punk, Parkour, Savate, Zinedine Zidane, Culture, Bombs, Fashion, hosting the biggest bike race in the world, amour, and all of those finer things in life. She is the outcome of Franciaball built in Gaulball on the ruins of SPQRball (last survivor of this event) and thus, the matrix of Europaball.

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The siblings have always fought each other ever since and she became a great kingdom in Gaulball and Germanaball.

In this game, and with the kebab expansion of the 600's, Franciaball became the only survivor of the post SPQRball first generation balls.

), gypsies, Belgium reclaims his fries come from him, Milieu (French Mafia), being disqualified to the world cup 2018, Sweden, countries don't want to get colonized by France (Thailand, Cameroon...), Le Pen Franceball (alias Franceballe; born 481) is a culturally, military and economically successful countryball who loves poems, architecture and epic facts.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Saint Louis, la Laïcité, La Légion Étrangère, pétanque, Emmanuel Macron, Iris Mittenaere, Thomas Pesquet, TF2 Spy UK (sometimes), english food, english language, english humor, english climate, english history, english drinks, Everything British, the word "British", the word "English", ISIS, Kebab, her former president, the bragging of American people, being called coward, Cristiano Ronaldo, that goal post from the Saint Denis stadium, Regional languages (French language, best langue!

But just released from the kebab attacks, she was harassed by Nordicball and offered him a place in his clay to calm him, creating Normandyball who should protect Parisball from the sea side.

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