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The email warned her fellow employees of the danger of seeing trafficked women as ‘just prostitutes’ whose services they could use with immunity and she reminded them that people trafficking ‘is serious organised crime, making huge amounts of money in this country’.

The path that led to Bolkova sending that email began a year earlier when she answered a Dyn Corp advert on the bulletin board of the Lincoln Police Department seeking ‘active/retired police officers of any rank who are eager to accept a challenging and rigorous assignment to serve with the United Nations International Police Task Force, as international police monitors for one year.’ “I was hoping that it was going to be a job where I would be representing my country in a professional way with a lot of elite officers from across the United States.” Bolkovac writes in her book, The Whistleblower, that when she arrived for training at Dyn Corp’s training HQ in Fort Worth Texas she met a group of young, inexperienced former cops who “delighted in discussing the sort of weaponry they’d be able to use” and “retirees who were looking to top up their pensions.” It was the boast of one of these older men that he knew where to find ‘really nice twelve-to-fifteen year olds’ that would come back to haunt Bolkova when she raided her first sex trafficking brothel.

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It was this naive belief that led her to emailing fifty people from the mission including the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) Jacques Paul Klein with details of specific reports she had seen of women who had been trafficked into Bosnia and who were being used by internationals, including some from the UN.

Bolkovac soon found herself demoted to a more junior position and it wasn’t long before she was called in to the IPTF office and summarily fired for ‘falsifying timesheets and gross-misconduct.’ It was a difficult time for Bolkovac, alone in a foreign country where she didn’t speak the language, she had no one to turn to except a Dutch UN investigator Jan who she’d met when their missions over lapped by six weeks.

As far as power delivery, as you all know, the Hellcat is producing just north of 700HP, so we would be shocked if Ford doesn’t take it one step further.

“Our new SVT Halo Mustang will have more HP than the Hellcat” claims a Ford rep from a recent CNN interview. If this new behemoth will be a forced induction car, than we can safely assume that Ford will stick with the traditional lobe crankshaft, or at least depart from the 5.2L GT350 platform.

This is where Dyn Corp was then registered (it has since changed its country of registration to Dubai).

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