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"I've been given the opportunity to explore that medium—because it is so different from the theater, that's been exciting creatively. And then I got a call literally the next morning saying I got the job in one audition."Always be creating: To keep her craft sharp, Ashford values her training.

"Working in musical theater, it's like flexing a muscle," she says.

"I wanted to explore more elements of the physical.

And they understood what I was going for, and it was extremely exciting." While her first love is the theater, she's excited about acting in all mediums. I'm partial to anything where I get to act."Endless auditioning: Like any actor, Ashford must deal with the unpredictability of the profession.

Another aspect of a healthy outlook is to make a genuine effort to mitigate feelings of envy when an actor friend walks off with a role you auditioned for, she says.

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